Sunday, February 04, 2007

IASG at MOCA - Feb 2-24

Linda (past executive director) and Julian (past president) enjoying a relaxing evening at the opening.

IASG Artists, Marvin and Alice Santos, Natalya Parris, Marilyn Hayes, Sandi Miller, Holly Adams, Marcela Dorantes, Mara Odette, Marielle Mariano, Margery Gordon, Julian Oteyza and Linda Pirrone made the opening a special evening and continued the "Ripple Effect" from last year's successful exhibits.

Linda , Marvin and Alice (from left to right)

Don't miss the closing party on Friday, Feb 23, 6- 9 pm to stay connected and talk about future shows.

If you are dyslexic, Alice, Marvin and Linda from (right to left)

MOCA Director David Quammen admiring his gallery filled with excellent art. Contact him for the next show at

Exhibit with Linda and Julian at the "Erotica" show next month.

Sculptors and hopefully future members, Ken Gwira and Steve Jennings with Linda and Natalya.

Some excellent art includi
ng Sandi Miller's masterpiece (extreme right.)

Holly Adams beautiful painting (extreme right)

Marielle Mariano just keeps on growing and experimenting.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

"Welcome 2007" Party at MOCA

The party was great! Great way to start the year! We missed the rest of you.

Thank you David for allowing IASG to hold the party at the beautiful Museum of Contemporary Art Gallery .

Front row: Mark Planisek and Julian Oteyza
Back row: George Elliott III, Howard Fleming, Bing Huang, Ai-Wen Kratz, Natalya Parris, Jenufa Kent, Marielle Mariano, Elba Molina, Linda Pirrone

Missing from photo: Daniel Shay,Gary Henrickson, Lilian Abensohn, David Harwell, Marilyn Hayes

Jenufa, Linda, DK with his incredible art, Natalya, Howard and George

Elba, David Quammen, Natalya, Linda and Gary

Ai-Wen loading up with the help of dependable Rudiger.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

IASG New Year's Eve Celebration (click on images to enlarge)

Linda Pirrone, Julian Oteyza, Natalya Parris and Marilyn Hayes

Linda Pirrone, Natalya Parris and Minerva Rosenthall

Knox Hayes, Marilyn Hayes, Terry Dela Santa, John Mallon, Linda Pirrone and Cugie Dela Santa Singing their hearts out.

Front row: Maurese Owens, Jennie Illustre, Marilyn Hayes, Linda Pirrone and Kevin Owens Back row: Ernie Cordero, Minerva Rosenthall, Phil Lopez, Terry Dela Santa, Knox Hayes, Natalya Parris, Kitty Walthall

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Press Release: Behind the Mask Exhibit

What?: Behind the Mask – An art exhibit sponsored by the International Artists Support Group, Inc. Over fifty artists representing countries all over the world have created work specifically for this exhibit.

Where? Asian Fusion Gallery, 15 E 40th St. New York, NY 10016 (212) 679-8833

When? December 11 – 30, 2006
***Opening Reception: Friday, December 15, 2006, 6:00 – 8:00 pm***

Participating Artists List :Holly Adams . Margo Arnold . Debby Brisker Burke . Paul Cabezas . Rita Cacas . Mirja Clement . Sharon Bartel-Clements . Josie Lim Cruz . Teodoro dela Santa . Trinidad Eckstein . Anthony Elacion . George Elliott III . Edna Emmet . Howard Fleming . David Harwell . Marilyn Hayes . Dawn Henning . Gary Henrickson . Eva Holz . Irene Liu Hou . Bing Jib Huang . Sushil Kalra . Jenufa Kent . Arrik Kim . Ai-Wen Wu Kratz . Joseph LoGuirato . Bertrand Mao . Marielle Mariano . Amy Marx . Elba Molina . Emilia Monroy . Bent Axel Oleson . Julian Oteyza . Mae Palaci . Satish Parekh . Natalya Parris . Linda Pirrone . Mark Planisek . Marion Redlich . Reynaldo Reyes . Mark Rooney . Zakhar Sasim . Dan Shay . Dante Shay . Ginevra Shay . Luba Sterlikova . Xie Tianzi . Iskander Ulumbekov . Lien Yao

IASG artists have worked over the past several months to create a show based on the “Mask” as a metaphor. The mask has a tranformative power when it becomes a metaphor, a container for the process. Through photography; oil on canvas; collage; mixed media and sculpture the participants strive to answer the questions: Who are we? What are the masks of self, of Divinity we call "I"? Is this face my own? Is this face mine, or is it the "other"? What lies beneath the last mask? IASG artists put this creativity to work and now invite you to view their work in support of the theme, “Behind the Mask.”
You may find more information about IASG, its past exhibits and upcoming activities by visiting the Blog: IASG is interested in welcoming new members and membership application information is located on the blog or you may write to the address below.

Questions and Contact Information:Julian Oteyzo, President, I.A.S.G., c/o IASG, 6312 Seven Corners Center, Falls Church, VA 22044 . Phone: (703) 969-5469, Email:

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Invitation to the IASG New York Exhibit

"Behind the Mask" December 11-30, 2006
Asian Fusion Gallery, 15 E 40th St., New York, NY 10016
(212) 679-8833 .
Opening Reception: Friday, December 15, 6:00 - 8:30 pm

Friday, September 22, 2006

Draft of Minutes- IASG Board Meeting, Friday, Aug 25, 2006

Draft of Minutes--IASG Board Meeting
Friday, August 25, 2006 at 1020 N. Quincy Street

The meeting began at 6:30 pm.

IASG board members attending: Julian Oteyza, Linda Pirrone, Bing Huang, Nabil Makar, Wallace Dickson, Howard Fleming, Gary Henrickson.


Old Business--

1) The minutes of the previous meeting, July 1, 2006, at Union Station, were approved as read.

2) Wallace Dickson presented a 30-day bank account summary as of August 25, 2006. The Wachovia account has been closed, and assets have been transferred to Chevy Chase Bank. Wallace will provide a complete treasurer's report within 60 days.

Wallace also suggested that the membership database might be used to make follow-up calls for members who have not submitted their membership fees.

3) Howard Fleming and Linda Pirrone provided an update on the Martin Luther King , Jr., Memorial Library show.

4) Linda Pirrone distributed copies of the IASG bylaws and suggested that the board review them and consider whether changes are necessary. Linda also offered to forward bylaws by email to anyone requesting same.

5) Nabil Makar presented an informal report on his and Marvin Santos' work on proposed membership categories. He suggested that the board consider several categories of membership including (1) professional, (2) honorary, (3) amateur, (4) senior, (5) student, and (6) family. Nabil also suggested that it might be well to create an admissions committee to control membership in IASG, that IASG shows should be juried, and that the members of the board should represent the organization's international character.

Howard Fleming proposed that the full report be distributed for comment; the board agreed and looks forward to receiving the report.

6) Linda Pirrone distributed flyers on the Chalk4Peace art project to take place September 16-17, 2006. Linda requested that any members who participate provide her with the relevant details and photographs for posting on the IASG blog and website and inclusion in the next newsletter as a global outreach program.

7) Howard Fleming reported on plans for the "Behind the Mask" exhibit in New York City planned for November 1-15, 2006. Plans involve the exhibit itself, a costume ball reception, travel arrangements, and invitations to local schools, colleges, and businesses.
Linda Pirrone suggested that artists' outings might be included to offer IASG members an opportunity to sketch, take photos and paint while in the city.

Julian Oteyza will ask for volunteers to assist in planning the various activities in the next IASG newsletter. Julian also reported that 30 pieces have already been accepted for the exhibit.

8) Linda Pirrone noted that some artists had not yet retrieved works submitted for previous shows.

Nabil Makar proposed requiring a modest storage fee for unclaimed works.

Linda suggested inventorying the current unclaimed work as agreed in the previous board of directors meeting on July 1st, and then contacting artists to arrange retrieval of the artwork.

9) Linda Pirrone distributed the descriptions of officers' positions as they exist in the current bylaws and asked the board to consider whether these descriptions needed to be revised.

10) Since George Elliot III was absent, his report on the value of IASG membership was tabled until a future board meeting.

11) Linda Pirrone suggested that a members' meeting be held in October. Howard Fleming proposed that the meeting be held at the National Gallery cafeteria. After some discussion, it was agreed that a members' meeting would be held at the National Gallery on September 23, 2006, at 10 am, preceded by a board meeting.

12) Linda Pirrone reported on Children's Day at the Philippine Embassy. Participating artists have the opportunity to sponsor prizes for children's art projects and to meet the competing child artists. The program will take place on the first or second weekend in October pending approval of the newly appointed Ambassador.

Linda also reported that the Philippine Young Professionals (FYP) have offered IASG a free table for member recruitment and art display at their upcoming event on October 7, 2006 at Lisner auditorium. IASG artists have also been offered the opportunity to include their business cards in the program for a tax deductible sliding fee based on size of the souvenir program.

New business--

1) The board discussed attending a grants workshop at the Foundation Center. Gary Henrickson agreed to continue researching grant possibilities for IASG. In addition, the board discussed the possibility of seeking a permanent studio and/or exhibition space for IASG in the metro area.

2) Howard Fleming reminded the board that it had offered modest scholarships ($100-$200) for art students from local schools in previous years. The board was generally receptive to this idea, but no definitive plans were made.

3) The next meeting of the board will precede the next members' meeting which is to be held at 10 am at the National Gallery Cafeteria (near the waterfall) on Saturday, September 23, 2006.

Respectfully submitted,

Gary P. Henrickson
Secretary, IASG

August 27, 2006

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Minutes from the Board Meeting last July

Board approved Minutes - I. A. S. G. Board meeting
Saturday, July 1, 2006 1:00 p.m. at Union Station

The meeting began at 1:20 p.m. I. A. S. G. Board members attending the meeting were: George Elliott III, Julian Oteyza, Linda Pirrone, Helen Claire Sedgley, Bing Huang, Nabil Makar, and Marvin Santos. The group agreed to hold an informal meeting.
After review the minutes were approved with 1 correction.
The I. A. S. G. treasurer was unavailable for this meeting, but provided a balance in the I. A. S. G. bank account of a little over $6,000. After a brief discussion board members agreed to table any further discussion until the next board meeting.
The next item on the agenda was a request from the president and executive director to canvas the board concerning the interest in a grant writing/proposal workshop. The board unanimously agreed that such a workshop would be of value to members and the organization and will discuss further at a subsequent board meeting.
After a lively discussion about maintaining a healthy membership roster board members Nabil Makar and Marvin Santos agreed to study different membership categories and return to the board with recommendations and justifications for a variety of membership categories that would reflect compliance with the IASG bylaws.
George Elliott III agreed to write an article for an upcoming newsletter that could also be incorporated into an I. A. S. G. brochure about the value of membership in the organization.
The next item of discussion was the upcoming Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Library show. All aspects of the show were discussed including the hanging of the exhibit (George Elliott III, Julian Oteyza and Linda Pirrone volunteered to hang the exhibit); the opening reception where Margo Arnold agreed to give a brief talk about the founding of I. A. S. G.; press coverage, (Linda Pirrone volunteered to write press releases and assemble press packages upon request); and the possibility of holding workshops in the meeting rooms adjacent to the exhibit throughout the month of July. After agreement was reached that IASG member Rita Cacas had done an outstanding job on the website, it was agreed that a certificate of appreciation would be presented to her at the exhibit opening. Linda Pirrone and Julian Oteyza will handle this.
The next item on the agenda was a discussion of our current bank account balance and the expense of printing copies vs. an online pdf version with the ability to print copies for those who still desire hard copy. The board unanimously supported this suggestion.
The board discussed, at length, the return of artwork after exhibits. Margo Arnold still has art work from previous exhibits but the board agreed to assume she had communicated with the artists. Nabil Makar agreed to prepare an inventory of the art in his possession from the Egypt show and re-show so board members can systematically contact artists and return the work. Julian Oteyza is still returning artwork from the Miami show and will continue to contact the artists until all the work has either been returned or the artist has agreed to leave the artwork for an upcoming exhibit.
Linda Pirrone and Julian Oteyza asked the board for permission to approach the membership about sponsoring a cash prize for the Philippine-American Foundation for Charities, Inc., recent art contest. Children competing in the contest covered the age spectrum of 3 – 16 years of age and interpreted the theme: “100 Years of Creative Unity in the Community”. Sponsorship would allow IASG artist to underwrite one cash award in one of the four age categories. First prize is $50.00; Second prize is $35.00 and third prize is $25.00. When the children receive the check for their prize they would also receive an artist’s bio to introduce them to their sponsor. In October, during Children’s Heritage Day at the Philippine Embassy, the children would have an art exhibit of their winning drawing and an opportunity to meet the artist who sponsored their prize. The board approved this initiative. More details will be forthcoming at subsequent meetings.
The board discussed the upcoming exhibit and opening reception in New York on November 3rd. After a lively discussion of themes the board agreed to continue to identify a theme that would reflect a costumed reception. Several board members mentioned the work of Howard Fleming, “Behind the Mask” but didn’t feel it was appropriate to use the title without seeking prior approval. The call for art was first sent in June. A follow up will be sent each month. Julian Oteyza has sent the call for art and is collecting the artwork and artist’s bios. Entertainment is lined up for the opening reception and more discussion will follow at subsequent meetings.
Under the new business discussion the board discussed
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned and the board toured the global children’s art exhibit in the Union Station.

Submitted by Linda Pirrone